Cardiff Kook Calendar Available Now!

Ok I want one of these!

Locals publish calendar chronicling pranks pulled on the ‘cardiff kook’

By Jonathan Horn

Saturday, October 23, 2010 at 6 a.m.

The cover of the Kook calendar.

The cover of the Kook calendar.

ENCINITAS — Fans of the “Cardiff Kook” now have something to look forward to each month, even if the surfer statue never gets mocked again.

Two Encinitans have produced a 13-month calendar featuring the oft-maligned bronze surfer boy festooned in different outfits, one for each month. The calendar, which has the Kook being eaten by a shark, dressed as Zorro, and with a pumpkin on its head, is now on sale at several Encinitas locations.

Wayne Lynch and Fred Caldwell, owner of Coast Highway 101 Design, spent two months designing the initial order of 2,500 calendars, which also includes the tides for surfers. The full-color datebook is available for $14 at such spots as Seaside Market, Coast Highway Traders and Encinitas Surfboards. Ten percent of the proceeds will go to the local nonprofit Fill-a-Belly, which helps feed the homeless.

The $120,000 surfer statue, officially called Magic Carpet Ride, has been the target of high jinks almost immediately after its unveiling in 2007. Surfers in Encinitas criticized the depiction of a teenage boy learning to surf as effeminate and making an unathletic pose.


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4 Responses to Cardiff Kook Calendar Available Now!

  1. Michele Kittinger says:

    I would like to purchase 3 calendars. Please advise.
    Thanks !!

  2. Michael Meyer says:

    The Gay Pride Parade wants the Kook as their Maid of Honor at next year’s event!

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