Jaws Has Been Defeated

Sadly on Tuesday 7/27 (yeah I know it was a while ago..) Jaws was removed from the Cardiff Surfer Statue.  I can only hope that the next prank some how tops this one.

Here’s an article from San Diego 6 about taking down the shark:

“Shark” Eating Cardiff Surfer Statue is Removed

Reported by: Sharon Chen
Email: sharon.chen@sandiego6.com

A giant paper mache shark that’s been making quite the splash in Cardiff has been sunk, the City removed the massive piece of artwork Tuesday morning.

With just a few hand saws, piece by piece, the giant great white lurking at the bottom of the statue on Highway 101 and Chesterfield was dismantled.

“This is what should have come down,” resident Bob Holt told San Diego 6, referring to the original statue the shark was seemingly devouring. “And this maybe should go some place where it would satisfy the people who designed it.”

The Magic Carpet Ride Statue is an art piece depicting a young boy learning how to surf.  For the past five days the novice was swallowed up by the great predator.

“Usually they dress it up with a bikini but, this is kind of cool.” said Jerry Burch.

The great white took 2 weeks to create, and 15 minutes to install with a crew of 13.

The artist who wants to just be known as Eric said he never meant any harm.

“It was never meant to be permanent in the first place,” Eric said.  “I was doing it for fun and that was it.  I really didn’t want anyone to do anything stupid, the city workers are doing their job so don’t harass them.”

Mayor Dan Dalager of Encinitas said the city had to take the shark down, “Because of risk and liability — we do not condone nor do we encourage this type of behavior.” But the Mayor added, “although as human beings, we can’t help but enjoy it.”

City officials say it cost between $300-$400 to remove the piece of temporary art, but the great white and other previous pieces aren’t permanently sunk.  They’re just being kept at a private ranch.  What the future holds for them?  Well that’s to be decided later.

“I think it’s hilarious that it was even put up in the first place,” said resident Shelley Swink, “because that thing’s kind of notorious for being hated.”

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